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Welcome to Shares by Vintage Motors, the financial investment platform for classic and vintage cars that offers fractional ownership. Our platform allows you to invest in the most desirable vintage cars, diversify your portfolio, and benefit from the appreciation in value of these timeless vehicles. Join us today and start your journey to becoming a classic car investor.


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We buy Vintage Motors is an online platform, offering the opportunity for you to sell your vintage, classic or modern classic vehicle in a quick space of time. We are the buyer and you only deal with us. Take away from you all the risk and headaches associated with selling a car privately.

Vintage Motors proudly presents "Modern Classics by Vintage Motors," our latest division dedicated to the timeless allure of modern classic cars. Get ready to explore a curated collection of iconic automobiles that blend the best of the past with the technology and style of today. Elevate your passion for automotive heritage with us as we redefine the classic car experience. Welcome to Modern Classics by Vintage Motors – where history meets the road ahead.

Global Gears is a non-profit organization (NPO) dedicated to fostering a passion for automotive culture and community engagement worldwide. Our car club brings together enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, uniting them through a shared love for automobiles. At Global Gears, we believe in the power of vehicles to inspire and connect people. One of our primary objectives is to actively engage the youth in our automotive community. We understand the importance of involving the younger generation in our passion for cars, not only to ensure the longevity of the automotive culture but also to provide them with a platform for personal growth and skill development. Through a variety of youth-focused programs, workshops, and events, Global Gears aims to instill a sense of camaraderie and passion for automobiles among the next generation. We encourage hands-on experiences, educational initiatives, and mentorship programs that empower young individuals to explore their interest in cars, learn about automotive technology, and develop valuable skills in teamwork and leadership. By fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, Global Gears aims to inspire the youth to become active participants in the vibrant world of automotive enthusiasts, ensuring a bright and exciting future for the car culture we hold dear.

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